SKA 12 Tos

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Make: Tos
Model: SKA 12
Year: 2000
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: Poland
Control: SIEMENS 840 C

Machine Details

Manufactured: TOS-HULIN

Model: SKA 12

YOM: 2000


Machine equipped with:

  • live tools
  • C axis
  • ATC

Technical details:

Diameter of the plate:                                                             1250 mm

Maximum machining diameter:                                              1400 mm

Maximum height of the piece:                                                1400 mm

Maximum height of the optional part:                                     1900 mm

Maximum height of the piece maq. Palletizing:                     1150 mm

Minimum boring diameter:                                                      320 mm

Range of speeds:                                                                   No. 2

Maximum weight of the piece:                                                8000 Kg

Max weight of the piece maq. palletized:                               5000 Kg

Skip feed:                                                                                12000 mm / min

Work progress:                                                                       0 / 12000 mm / min

Turning the threads:                                                               0.01 / 99.99 mm / rev

Travel of the car from the center

Right / left:                                                                               -750 / 1920 mm

Height of the crossbar,

700 mm, each: 100 mm

Cutting force:                                                                          44000 N

Vertical travel of the carriage:                                                 1060 mm

Section rigid column:                                                              240x240 mm


 - Steel plate with 4 claws diameter 1.250 mm, instead of a cast iron plate and with double system T Ref. STD 009500B.

- Modification of the crossbar to accommodate a new barron of 240x240 mm section.

- Dimension the barron to a section of 240x240 mm.

- Magazin of 88 stations for tools ISO 50 and heads for Widiaflex tools.

- Increase in rapid movements at 12 m / min.

- Special fairing to adapt the operaio access to the work area.

- Tank of 1000 L taladrin placed inside the fairing with outlet for filling and emptying from the rear.

- Two built-in wardrobes with methacrylate doors for housing tools or other accessories. They are located in the left front area of ​​the machine and with easy access for the operator.

- Paint of the machine

- SIEMENS electronic steering wheel mod. BHG

- HEIDENHAIN Encoder with 140,000 impulses instead of 80,000 as standard.

- RENISHAW measuring system with double head, horizontal and vertical.

- New SIEMENS CNC monitor mod. TFT-10.

- Control panel of the CNC motorized in elevation and rotation and at a position at 45 °

- Work Indicators; light green, amabr and red.

- Storage and loader of special tools.




- Active Renishaw control of the tool

- Active Renishaw control of the piece (2)

- Increase power main engine to 63 Kw

- Front conveyor of chips

- Hydraulic plate of 4 claws diameter of 1,250 mm

- Pressure of 50 bars in refrigeration equipment

- Horizontal tool store with 88 stations. Includes niches for both fixed and rotary tools. The tools will adapt to the WINDIAFLEX system.

- Pack of high precision in the axes (X / Z) 0.01 / m. Machine equipped with linear pick-up rules.

- Power supplement for rotary tools at 20 Kw

- KNOLL ecological rotary filter 150 / 1,000 Liters / min. Precision filtering <microns


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