Safop Ballmatic Mill

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Make: Safop
Model: Ballmatic
Year: 1990
Condition: Used
Machine type: Mill
Location of machine: Russia
Control: CNC
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details

SAFOP BALLMATIC CNC-20 sphere turning-grinding MC


Year of manufacturing 1990, start working in 1996
CNC Siemens Sinumerik 8TE 
Size range of the processed balls: 470, 680, 785 mm.
Size range of machined flanges: 470, 680, 785 mm.
The machine is equipped with a turret for three tools for turning the workpiece (X axis). Milling is carried out by a holder with a direct current drive (X1 axis). It is possible to change using a special mechanism of the milling wheel to grinding. The moment of touching the product with the grinding wheel during processing of the workpiece is controlled by the ultrasonic device MESELTRON-MOVOMATIC TYP MOV4410A.

Main spindle
  Converter: D380 / 190-MREQ.
  Engine: 1GG5202-OWC40-6HU3-001, 41 kW, 1900 rpm.
  Rotation Sensor: 1024 pulses / rev Sinumerik.
Main toolholder drive
  Converter: D380 / 190-MREQ.
  Engine: 1GG5202-OWC40-6HU3-2-001, 41kW, 1900 rpm.
X axis feed
  Converter: D200 / 60-MREQ.
  Engine: 1HU3106-OAH01-Z-001, 2000 rpm.
  Sensor: 6FC9320-2AG Sinumerik
Feed axis X1
  The converter is common with the X axis.
  Engine: 1HU3106-OAH 01-Z-001, 2000 rpm,
  Sensor: 6FC9320-A3 Sinumerik
Feed axis Z
  Converter: D200 / 60-MREQ.
  Engine: 1HU3601-OAH01-Z-002.
  Sensor: 6FC9320-2AC Sinumerik


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