Kolomna 5A342 (D2000xM25)

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Make: Kolomna
Model: 5A342 (D2000xM25)
Year: 1973
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: Germany
Control: manual
Width: 4440 m
Length: 6910 m
Height: 3700m
Weight: 31800kg
Documentation / manuals included? Yes
Is tooling / spares included? Yes

Machine Details

Gear hobbing machine Kolomna 5A342 (D2000xM25)

Quantity: 4 pcs
Year of manufacture 1968-1973 
Max. work piece diameter, mm 2000 
Max. gear width, 560 mm
Max. work piece diameter with tail-stock, mm 1200 
Min. work piece diameter, mm 200 
Max. vertical moving of milling support, mm 900 
Distance between hob axis and table axes, mm 150...1245 
Distance between hob axis and table surface, mm 580...1480 
Table diameter, mm 1800 
Spindle speed range, rpm 8...125 
Spindle speeds, qty 25 
Vertical feeds quantity, qty 18 
Horizontal feeds quantity, qty 18 
Min. processed wheel teeth, qty 20 
Max. module 25 
Max. module with worm hob 20 
Max. gear teeth angle, degree 45 
Max. work piece weight, kg 20000 
Max. diameter of installed worm mills, mm 300 
Max. length of installed worm mills, mm 500 
Table workable area, mm 1800 
Table opening diameter, mm 250 
Worm pitch wheel diameter, mm 1650 
Teeth quantity of pitch wheel, qty 165 
Voltage, V 380 
Frequency, Hz 50 
Main motor power, kW 15 
Machine dimensions, mm 6910 x 4440 x 3700 
Machine weight, kg 31800


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