Water-Jet 2010 cutter system w. BFT 40.37 high pressure system

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Model: Water-Jet 2010
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Control: Fagor
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details

Water-Jet 2010


product description:

  • The water-jet is a universal tool:
  • Cutting solution for virtually any type of material
  • Very rigid dual-drive machien bridge
  • High-Pressure System BFT Ecotron 40.37 (included in standard Equipment)
  • The most cost-effective high pressure pump made by a world leading manufacturer
  • Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System
  • no thermal stress and only minimal mechanical stress
  • No hardening or intrinsic tension on the part
  • Operating pressure can be adjusted from 50 to 380 MPa via an infinitely variable proportional valve
  • Rigid frame construction (sides are made of stress-free annealed and milled monoblocks, which are fastened with pins during machine setup)
  • Optimized hydraulic system
  • no dust, smoke or toxic fumes
  • high-quality linear guides on all axes
  • small kerf width and very clean cut edges
  • Oil/air cooler or optional oil/water cooler
  • Ground and hardened helical gears
  • Robust digital servo-drives
  • Pressure booster with exceptional lifetime and large pulsation damper
  • virtually burr-free cuts = no rework necessary
  • direct plunge-cut at any position
  • Other high-pressure systems are available as options
  • Totally enclosed moving units to protect against ingress of water and dust
  • Electronically monitored central lubrication system
  • Stand-alone cutting table with high load capacity
  • Exchangeable support grid with galvanized (standard) or stainless steel (option) slats
  • Powerful CNC machine control
  • Intuitive CAD/CAM software
  • Swiveling control panel attached to the machine


technical data:

  • Cutting range: 2.050 x 1.050 mm
  • Table load capacity: 1.500 kg/m_
  • Travel Z-axis: 200 mm
  • Work feed: 5.000 mm/min
  • Positioning accuracy:


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