Turnado 230x1500 Lead Screw and Feed Shaft Lathe with V const

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Model: Turnado 230/1500 V
Condition: New
Machine type: Lathe
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details

Turnado 230/1500 V


product description:

  • more accuracy
  • 3-axis position indicator
  • Lead Screw and Feed Shaft Lathe
  • Turnado with infinitely variable speed adjustment
  • back gearing, first-class control technology and a powerful headstock motor allow a wide range of speeds and high torque for powerful machining
  • Proven classic with extensive standard equipment
  • lower error rate
  • increased productivity
  • cost-effective, lasting value
  • resulting in valuable time savings
  • the extensive features of the X.Pos Position Indicator are complemented by a speed display and vconst (constant speed) function: During face turning, the spindle speed automatically adapts to the changing workpiece diameter _ the constant cutting speed at the cutting edge of the turning tool ensures superior turning results with a quality comparable to CNC lathes
  • practically arranged control panel with ergonomic layout of selection levers
  • for increased productivity
  • Camlock spindle mount D1-6
  • wide bed, ground and hardened
  • easy to read display
  • operator-specific features
  • offset tailstock for taper turning
  • convenient keyboard layout
  • large number of thread leads
  • resolution: 0.01/ 0.005 mm
  • removable gap bridge for machining of large diameter
  • default coordinates
  • stop spindle with adjustable travel stops
  • axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • hole circle pattern calculation
  • calculator function
  • storage for 10 tools
  • radius / diameter toggle
  • mm/inch conversion
  • easy expansion and maintenance-free operation
  • display for top (Z0) and box way slide (Z1) both separate and in differential / cumulative mode for lathes


technical data:

  • Tapping, diametric: (50) 4-112 DP
  • Tapping, module: 0,1 - 7 (39) mm
  • Tapping, whitworth: (60) 2-112 TPI
  • Tailstock quill diameter: 60 mm
  • Tailstock taper: 4 MT
  • Tailstock quill stroke: 120 mm
  • Tailstock traverse adjustment:
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