Knuth Servomill 1000

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Model: Servomill
Condition: New
Machine type: Mill
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details

Knuth Servomill 1000

Conventional milling, now easier, more precise and more efficient due to integrated electronics

  • The Servomill represents a new generation of advanced milling machines that are operated like a conventional machine
  • This machine features a user-friendly design, significantly higher precision and increased machining capacity
  • Very high reliability and long service life of all components ensure drastically reduced maintenance and increased availability
  • Heavy cast-iron frame features a bed-type design
  • Large workpiece weights
  • Ground and hardened box-ways on Z and Y axis with high load capacity and wear-resistance
  • Low-maintenance, robust, and precise preloaded ball screws on all axes
  • Supporting weight balance on Z axis ensures smooth travel and minimized wear during drive and guide operation
  • Cutter head swivels ± 90° and quill can be moved automatically or manually
  • Pneumatic tool clamping for quick tool changes
  • Digital speed (rpm) display
  • An automatic lubrication system reduces the operator's workload and simplifies maintenance

Servomill - Highlights

  • Control developed and built in Germany
  • Positioning control for traveling pre-selected paths on all axes
  • Constant cutting speed with feed speed based on spindle rpm
  • Zero backlash preloaded ball screws
  • Servo-motors on all axes, infinitely variable feed, rapid feed, and speed control
  • Electronic spindle load indicator
  • Electronic hand-wheels on all axes
  • X, Y and Z axis movement via joystick technology
  • Integrated position indicator with precision glass scale

Your Advantages:

  • Easy to use: intuitive operation - practical layout of control elements and streamlined function
  • Automatic feed on all axes and infinitely variable rapid feed
  • With speeds up to 5000 mm/min
  • Set limit stops on any axis with the push of a button - 3 stop positions per axis can be stored
  • More precise: operated via electronic hand-wheels - axes are powered by high-quality servo drives that translate your hand movements with the precision and dynamics of modern CNC machines
  • More reliable: drives, spindles, and measuring systems are totally enclosed or mounted in protective enclosures and virtually maintenance-free
  • Electronics - made in Germany
  • More capacity: this machine only uses premium drive components that are designed for continuous operation
  • Maintenance-free: no regular maintenance needed for the entire feed drive
  • Advanced Feed Technology:
  • Axes are powered by high-quality servo drives that translate your hand movements with the precision and dynamics of modern CNC machines
  • Reliable, maintenance-free mass production technology
  • High rapid feed rate for reduced machine down-times
  • Ball screw drive on all axes:
  • Considerably less errors due to loseness (backlash), resulting in significantly higher precision
  • Significantly reduced friction, no stick-slip effect, reduced heat buildup, minimal wear
  • Electronic hand-wheels:
  • Micro-control via electronic hand-wheels offering the same handling and postioning as with a conventional machine, just smoother and more precise
  • Joystick control:
  • Maximum operator comfort for axis movements
  • Easy handling during sequential processing
  • Electronically controlled fixed stops:
  • Set 2 limit stops at 3 positions on each axis by the push of a button - these buttons are grouped around the feed switch for intuitive control
  • This ensures high repeatability during coordinate drilling or pocket cutting, and siginificantly more positions can be set up than on conventional machines
  • Constant cutting speed:
  • The feed rate is infinitely variable and can be coupled with the spindle speed in a selectable feed-per-spindle revolution ratio in the range of 0.01 to 1 mm/R
  • This ensures a constant feed-per-tooth value and simplifies the operator’s task of optimizing the machining operation
  • Electronic spindle load indicator:
  • Assists the operator in the most efficient utilization of machine and tool capacities
  • Reliable indicator helps avoid damages caused by overloads

X.pos Plus - You will gain productivity, quality and comfort

  • Default coordinates
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Vibration filter feature
  • mm/inch conversion
  • 8 display languages
  • Calculator function
  • High-resolution display with excellent legibility
  • State-of-the art electronics and a very robust, completely sealed enclosure ensure maximum safety and optimum production conditions
  • A major focus during the development and selection of electronic components was the achievement of maximum resistance against external interference's and maintaining low temperature levels
  • Background colours of the display can be changed as required or desired
  • The keyboard membrane is highly resistant and yet very comfortable to touch
  • The display also provides a key to toggle between radius and diameter
  • The axis position is maintained when the display is turned off
  • Graphical support with residual path display and sketch drawing
  • Linear and non-linear length correction is possible
  • Easy mounting, easy electric connection, and maintenance-free operation

Standard Equipment

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • Electronic hand-wheels
  • Pneumatic tool clamping
  • Chip tray
  • Work lamp
  • Coolant system
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Horizontal guide-way cover
  • Operating tools
  • Operator manual


Working area 

  • Table set up area 1.524 x 305 mm
  • Table load capacity (max.) 500 kg


  • Travel X-axis 1.000 mm
  • Travel Y-axis 480 mm
  • Travel Z-axis 560 mm

Vertical milling head

  • Speed range (infinitely variable, back gear ranges) 4.000 rpm
  • Spindle mount ISO 40
  • Quill stroke 125 mm


  • Feed speed (infinitely variable) 0 - 1.000 mm/min
  • Feed per spindle revolution 0,01 - 1 mm/R

Rapid feed

  • Rapid feed X-axis 5.000 mm/min
  • Rapid feed Y-axis 3.000 mm/min
  • Rapid feed Z-axis 2.000 mm/min

Drive capacity

  • Motor rating main drive 3,7 kW
  • Supply voltage 400 V

Measures and weights

  • Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2,4x2,1x2,55 m
  • Weight 1.820 kg


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  • Fully commission machine
  • 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new)
  • Full PUWER assessment
  • 24 or 48 hour on site response
  • Annual maintenance services
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