Quick CNC UB - 481

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Make: Quick CNC
Model: UB - 481
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Control: SYNTEC
X traverse: 1300mm
Y traverse: 2550mm
Z traverse: 200mm
Max spindle speed: 2400rpm
Number of tools: 8
Table size: 1220 x 2440mm
Width: 2m
Length: 3.5m
Height: 2.3m
Weight: 3500kg

Machine Details

The UB-481 is a heavy duty rotary-type auto tool changing machine center with excellent configurations. Boring head and auto loading & unloading parts are optional.

It can be used in the furniture decoration industry, wood products processing, musical instruments industry, artwork industry and electronic industry.

* Strong structure makes the routers more stable
* High level of accuracy
* Compatible with Type3/Router 8/ArtCAM/AlphaCAM/UcanCAM and other kinds of CAD/CAM software
* Heavy duty, high precision and high efficiency

Main Features:

  • ATC air cooling (HSD) spindle
  • Drum type ATC, 8 station tool changer
  • ISO - 30 tool holder
  • ISO - 30 collet
  • Centralised automatic lubrication system with short of oil, low pressure and high pressure alarm system
  • Extra large 6"" centralised dust collection control system
  • Spindle and pneumatic boring heads are independantly driven to ensure stable high precision processing and transmission
  • Machine body made with stress relieved material to maintain accuracy

UB - 481 routers additional specification:

  • Processing range - 1300 x 2500mm
  • Z1 & Z2 axis - 200mm
  • Workpeice height - 200mm
  • X & Y axis - 80m / min
  • Z axis - 20m / min
  • Spindle power - 9KW - ISO30
  • X axis rapid speed - 80M / min
  • Y axis rapid speed - 80M / min
  • Z axis rapid speed - 20M / min

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Quick CNC offer a fully customised option.


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Not just a collection service, features can include... 

  • Decommission (pre-owned)
  • Load & deliver to buyer's site
  • Unload and site to install position
  • Fully commission machine
  • 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new)
  • Full PUWER assessment
  • 24 or 48 hour on site response
  • Annual maintenance services
  • Banked hours for all your CNC equipment
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