Quick CNC UAZ - 481

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Make: Quick CNC
Model: UAZ - 481
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Control: SYNTEC
X traverse: 1420mm
Y traverse: 2740mm
Z traverse: 200mm
Max spindle speed: 2400rpm
Number of tools: 8
Table size: 1220 x 2440mm
Width: 2.81m
Length: 10m
Height: 2.28m
Weight: 4000kg

Machine Details

The UAZ-481 is a heavy duty linear-type auto tool changing and auto loading and unloading machine center with excellent configurations. Boring head is optional.

It can be used in the furniture decoration industry, wood products processing, musical instruments industry, artwork industry and electronic industry.

* Strong structure makes the routers more stable
* High level of accuracy
* Compatible with Type3/Router 8/ArtCAM/AlphaCAM/UcanCAM and other kinds of CAD/CAM software
* Double layer vacuum table for big panels 
* Heavy duty, high precision, European type design and high efficiency

Main Features

  • ATC air cooled (HSD) spindle
  • Linear type ATC, 8 station tool changer
  • ISO - 30 tool holder
  • ISO - 30 collet
  • Centralised automatic lubrication system with short of oil, low pressure and high pressure alarm system
  • Extra large 6"" centralised dust collection control system
  • Machine body made with stress relieved material to maintain accuracy

UAZ - 481 routers additional specification:

  • Process range - 1220 x 2440 mm
  • Z1 & Z2 axis - 200 mm
  • Workpeice height - 200 mm
  • X & Y axis - 80m / min
  • Z axis - 20m / min
  • Spindle power - 9KW - ISO30
  • Vacuum pump - 7.5KW - 250m³ / h
  • X axis rapid speed - 80M / min
  • Y axis rapid speed - 80M / min
  • Z axis rapid speed - 20M / min

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Quick CNC offer a fully customised option.


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  • Decommission (pre-owned)
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  • Unload and site to install position
  • Fully commission machine
  • 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new)
  • Full PUWER assessment
  • 24 or 48 hour on site response
  • Annual maintenance services
  • Banked hours for all your CNC equipment
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