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Palamatic MS 3000


Make: Palamatic
Model: MS 3000
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: United Kingdom
Width: 4.2m
Length: 7.6m
Height: 4.2m
Service details: Part History

Machine Details

Industrial Size Bag Splitter

Make: Palamatic

Model: Minislit  MS 3000

S/N: 6272-2003

Measurements: (Rough): 7.6 M (Length) x 4.2 M (Across) x 4.2 (Height)

Previous management group purchased this united in 2011 in hopes of using it for in-line transfer and dust contamination. Unfortunately, due to the size it wasn’t a good fit for our application. Decommissioned it shortly thereafter. It still works great, and has low usage. See attached video and pictures. The machine is suitable for many types of bags including paper, polytes, dubbed, etc. It minimizes the handling by operators and reduces dust emissions.