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Masto MWL 4/35


Make: Masto
Model: MWL 4/35
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: Durham, United Kingdom
Length: 0.3m
Height: 0.08m
Weight: 3.6kg
Service details: No History
Is tooling / spares included? Yes

Machine Details

MASTO gives your rope flexibility, strength and a useful life. It will be a worthwhile investment that delivers savings in downtime, labor and helps prevent premature wire rope replacement. Masto provides Maximum safety for operator and wirerope. The Masto wire rope lubricator penetrates and cleans under high pressure even the most compact types of wire rope, such as Non-rotating, Dyform, and Locked Coil with heavy grade lubricant.

NB. To obtain total penetration through a compact rope the pressure must be minimum 20 bar (285 PSI) in the chamber.The Masto Lubricator is easy to use. Split seals are fitted around the rope and clamped in placed by the two halves of the lubricating chamber. The unit is anchored by two chains to a convenient, stationary object. The pump is started and the wire rope is pulled through the Lubricator. One 34mm Diameter Seal missing however, readily available at:

3.No: 34mm Dia Seals included plus;

2.No: Fixing Chains