Laser-Jet 1512 FL 2000

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Model: Laser-Jet 1512 FL 2000
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Control: GPlus Cut 4000 B
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details

Laser-Jet 1512 FL 2000


product description:

  • Laser Cutting System
  • Laser Cutting Systems with extremely small foot-prints
  • Laser-Jet Cutting Systems feature a transverse layout:
  • Machine bridge runs along the long work surface dimension (X axis) The cutting table does not have to be pulled out of the machine for plate loading and parts unloading.
  • Equipped with fiber lasers with various beam powers.Lowest operating cost due to highest efficiency.
  • Laser beam is guided in a flexible fiberoptic cable, eliminating the requirement to clean beam travel optics
  • Flexible, functional, and space-saving - maximum cutting efficiency in stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, and other high-reflectivity metals
  • Due to the fiber laser's shorter wavelength, the cutting process is performed within a sealed enclosure. The enclosure automatically closes upon start of a cutting job and opens at the end of the cutting operation to allow direct removal of cut parts.
  • Machine control can be connected to the internet. This will allow remote control functions and remote diagnostics and monitoring of the system state.
  • Cutting lens is protected by an easy to replace protective glass lens
  • minimum requirements for the setup site
  • Very ergonomic handling and easy operation
  • Virtually maintenance-free laser operation
  • Automatic cutting process guide, height sensing
  • labeling of cut parts with the same cutter head
  • Available with manually retractable cutting table, or with automatic changer table System
  • Can be equipped with cutting drawers (optional)
  • Turning unit for tube machining can be integrated into the work surface (optional)


technical data:

  • Workpiece support height: 1.000 mm
  • Throat width: 1.850 mm
  • Throat height: 60 mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 2,5 kg/dm_
  • Travel X-axis: 1.500 mm
  • Travel Y-axis: 1.250 mm
  • Travel Y-axis extension (optional): 1.500 mm
  • Travel Z-axis: 70 mm
  • Positioning accuracies:


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