Hosokawa Alpine 1500AFG

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Make: Hosokawa
Model: Hosokawa Alpine 1500AFG
Year: 2002
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: Ireland
Width: 3.4m
Length: 3.4m
Height: 4.83m
Weight: 1500kg
Service details: No History
Documentation / manuals included? Yes

Machine Details


Equipment Specifications







Hosokawa Alpine 1500AFG


Recommended Packaging Form                                       



Est Shipping Weight   

1500 KGs                  

1500 KGs                  

Est Shipping Length               

133.86 in                  

3400 mm

Est Shipping Width            

133.86 in             

3400 mm

Est Shipping Height             

190.16 in        

4830 mm


Ingersoll Rand Centac C310MX3-4C1 Air Compressor


Equipment Specifications


                                                                                                  Standard                                     Metric

Year                                                                                         2002


Capacity Size                                                                        10000


Model                                                                                     Centac C310MX3-4C1


Air Requirements                                                               10 Bar                                          10 Bar


Frequency                                                                             50/60 Hertz                               50/60 Hertz


Recommended Packaging Form                                   Crate


Est Shipping Weight                                                            32,000 KGs                               32,000 KGs


Est Shipping Length                                                             12 FT                                          365.76 cm


Est Shipping Width                                                               12 FT                                          365.76 cm


Est Shipping Height                                                             12 FT                                           365.76 cm



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