ABS 300 NC

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Model: ABS 300 NC
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Ancillaries: Automatic Band Saw with programmable cutting angle

Machine Details

  • Cutting angle settings 0° - 45°
  • Robust touch screen control panel
  • automatic workpiece feed
  • torsion-resistant dual-column construction
  • hydraulic saw frame feed via chrome-plated column guide
  • slightly inclined saw frame improves cutting performance and increases the service-life
  • dual hydraulic workpiece clamping
  • infinitely variable cutting speed
  • automatic angle positioning in 1° increments from 0° to 45°
  • hydraulic bundle vise for both vises included with standard equipment
  • precise and stable saw band guides ensure high angular accuracy
  • automatic band breakage control
  • Band speed indicator on the display
Cutting capacities
Stroke length
Cutting speed
Cutting capacity 0° (round)
Cutting capacity 0° (flat)
Cutting capacity 0° (square)
Cutting capacity 30° (round)
Cutting capacity 30° (flat)
Cutting capacity 30° (square)
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)
Cutting capacity 45° (round)
Cutting capacity 45° (square)
400 mm
20 - 90 m/min
300 mm
360x300 mm
300 mm
300 mm
300x300 mm
300 mm
240x300 mm
240 mm
240 mm
Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive
Motor rating hydraulic pump
Motor rating coolant pump
3 kW
0,75 kW
0,45 kW
Measures and weights
Belt dimensions
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
4.430x34x1,1 mm
2,2x2x1,7 m
1.900 kg


Siemens SPS (Sägen)

  • programming and storage for up to 20 different records
  • automatic kerf (cut width) compensation
  • error code on touchscreen display allows for quick troubleshooting

Siemens PLC control, autom. cleaning brush, feed roller table (2 meters), 1 saw blade, touch screen monitor, manual central lubrication, automatic parts counter, bundle vise, chip conveyor, coolant system, operating tools, operator manual


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