HB 460 L

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Model: HB 460 L
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Ancillaries: Exact sawing of large and very large workpieces

Machine Details

For precise sawing of sections and solid material like steel, aluminum and other material

  • every model of this series provides infinitely variable cutting speeds from 20 to 100 m/min
  • powerful motors and low-maintenance gear units for high reliability
  • hydraulic workpiece clamping is now standard equipment on all models
  • pressure gauge ensures correct saw blade tension for increased blade life and lower cost
  • removable coolant reservoir for simplified maintenance

NEW with linear guide technology!

  • torsion-proof steel construction with dual-column guide – rigid and vibration absorbing
  • the saw frame features a mono-frame design for travel across large linear guides
  • advanced hydraulic saw frame feed with new pressure regulating system (PAS) allows optimum adjustment for every sawing task: infinitely variable feed speed and cutting power control provide a wide spectrum of machining possibilities with just one saw blade type
  • the control valve features identifications and labeling for sheets, solid materials and various other material types to provide maximum user-friendly handling
  • optical registration of the workpiece height allows fully automated empty runs in rapid feed mode for a timely optimum change-over to work feed as well as limiting the vertical saw frame travel and keeping down-times to a minimum
Cutting capacities
Cutting capacity 90° (round)
Cutting capacity 90° (square)
Cutting capacity 90° (flat)
Cutting capacity 45° (round)
Cutting capacity 45° (flat)
Cutting capacity 45° (square)
Cutting speed
460 mm
460 mm
650x460 mm
380 mm
380x460 mm
380 mm
20 - 100 m/min
Drive capacity
Motor rating main drive
Motor rating hydraulic pump
Motor rating coolant pump
4 kW
0,55 kW
0,12 kW
Measures and weights
Belt dimensions
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
5.200x41x1,3 mm
3,1x1,8x1 m
1.410 kg


bi-metallic band saw blade, Mechanical saw blade tensioning with hydraulic pressure gauge, hydraulic part clamping, automatic stroke hight adjustment, feed roller table 1,2 m, PAS system, coolant system, operator manual


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