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Model: Bespoke UK built
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: UK
Ancillaries: Seperate free standing reel stand. 10 reel stations each with locking plates while operating.
Length - 8 feet 10 inches
Height - 4 feet 5 inches
Width - 2 feet 8 inches

Cutting head - this is totally enclosed and the safety doors must be closed for the machine to operate.
Length - 4 feet 3 inches
Height - 5 feet 3 inches - to the top of the safety doors.These are clear perspex enabling the operator to see the male and female head moving and product running correctly at all times.
Width - 3 feet 2 inches

End conveyor and scrap web removal and rewind -
Length - 7 feet includes waste conveyor
Height of belt conveyor - 3 foot
Height of waste reel stand - 4 feet 5 inches

To machine has been designed to cut material up to 150mm wide and up to 10 reels at a time.
The material is fed into a guide feeder which grabs the material and moves it along automatically and in sync to the cutting tool. The cutting tool is in two seperate parts ( male and female and together they slide into the cutting head and securely bolted in. The safety doors are closed and the machine can be turned on. The operator will check to see the cutting gap between each stroke and adjust accordingly by adjusting the gap smaller or larger using the adjuster at the side of the feeder. The operator may have to do this a few times to be satisfied prior to full production run. When operator is ready he will switch machine on and start cutting material. The automatic batch counter will record how many strokes have been made and the number of pieces cut easily recorded. The machine can stroke per second and produce 3600 pieces per minute - example of one of our tools 6 designs on 1 tool cutting ten reels )
The cut product drops through the cutting tool into a collecting box underneath machine. This can be removed safely and product checked while machine still operating.
The waste runs along the conveyor and at the same speed of the machine enabling it to wound onto the rewinder and will automatically stop when full.

Each tool is in two parts ( male and female that fit perfectly together )
11 tools , each tools with a different design / designs on each
Length - 300mm
Height - 115mm
Width - 70mm

The machine runs on 3 phase and needs an air supply also / compressor to operate
It was mainly used to cut coloured gummed paper shapes for the large educational markets in the UK and beyond, also supplying the main retail supermarkets, such as Toys r Us, WHS, Rymans, M&S, Early Leaning Centre and others including covermounts for BBC and magazines
It can also cut holographic self adhesive
It can also cut thin plastic and card

Machine Details

Great opportunity to obtain this bespoke machine which can cut thin card, self adhesive and thin plastic 


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