New Business Opportunity- Diamond Cut Refinishing Machine For Alloy Wheels

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Make: DCR
Model: Diamond Cut Refinishing Machine
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: UK
Documentation / manuals included? Yes
Is the equipment viewable under power? Yes

Machine Details

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A Smart Way to Repair Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

A real business opportunity, for people looking for a real change!

Tired of manufacturing competitiveness and working long stressful hours for little reward?
Earn your true potential, a real business opportunity you deserve!


DC-2 has been designed from the ground up to be a refinishing machine for alloy wheels which can be use as a mobile solution, our machine will produce a great finish of the same standard as the large CNC lathe machines. The user interface is simple and easy to use.


  • Super fast probing can read a typical 20″ wheel in 30 seconds for fast wheel throughput.
  • We dont need to save the wheel profile due to the speed of the DC-2.
  • Saving a profile will increase the risk wrong profile upload which can cause machine and wheel damage.
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface with step by step instructions.
  • DC-2 wheel lathe cuts wheels from 14″ to 22″ in diameter.
  • Intergrated camera for online support.
  • Rapid two stage process – Scan wheel, cut wheel.
  • Worlds smallest design saves on valuable workshop space or fit into a van for a mobile repair service.
  • DC-2 Only requires a 230v 13amp Single phase electrical supply.


Remove the stress & worry of collecting, installing and maintaining your machine. 

Not just a collection service, features can include... 

  • Decommission (pre-owned)
  • Load & deliver to buyer's site
  • Unload and site to install position
  • Fully commission machine
  • 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new)
  • Full PUWER assessment
  • 24 or 48 hour on site response
  • Annual maintenance services
  • Banked hours for all your CNC equipment
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