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Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex-S 7106 CMM


Make: Mitutoyo
Model: Crysta-Apex-S 7106 CMM
Year: 2014
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: UK
Documentation / manuals included? Yes
Condition info: Very Good Condition!

Machine Details

Available as New Due to Revised Project Contract.


Movement Range: X Axis 705mm Y Axis 1005mm Z Axis 605mm

Measuring Scale Resolution: 0.0001mm

Traversing Speed: 8-300mm/sec per axis 

Max Combined Speed: 520mm/sec

Compressed Air Flow Rate: 60NL/Min (source 120L/min)

Volumetric Length Measuring Accuracy according to ISO10360-2 (2009) “Ep M//” Specification




1.7 + 3L/1000pm

1 7 + 4L/1000 m

MPP310Q (64 x 18 mm)

1.7 + 3L/1000pm

1.7 + 4L/1000/m

SP25 (64 X 50 mm)

1.9 + 3L/1000 Am

1.9 + 4L/1000 /m

TP200 (64 X 10 mm)

2.2 + 3L/1000 Am

2.2 + 4L/1000 Am

TP20 (64 x 10 mm)

L = measured length in mm.

Machine Description

The Crysta-Apex S is a high accuracy, high Speed Moving Bridge Type Co-ordinate Measuring Machine utilising a Granite , Base, which also provides the Y-Axis, guide way. A unique design of self-adjusting air bearing is used on each axis to provide excellent stability during high-speed movement and measurement. The moving Bridge is constructed of low mass alloy, the “X” Beam and “Z” Spindle external surfaces being impregnated by an oxide coating process to form an   extremely hard surface, which further improves these critical components stability and also provides good wear resistance. Power drive is activated via a remote joystick unit for manual drive operation.

Each axis can be locked and fine movement adjustment is provided. The measurement system is by Mitutoyo SRD Linear. Encoders fitted so as to become an integral part of the machine for thermal stability, and provide a direct digital output of measured data.

The machine is fully equipped for CNC Operation via the newly designed Machine Control Unit Model UC400 which provides full digital servo control for high speed, high accuracy positioning with 3-Axis vector drive and automatic computation of all acceleration and deceleration without operator input.

The controller uses a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection to simplify computer connectivity and installation.

Circular Path motion is also provided for continuous movement between relative positions.

Twin Joystick unit for control of ’X’ and ‘Y’ axis movements with second joystick for ‘Z’ axis control and optional rotary    table. Comprehensive display with control buttons for individual axis locks and speed control.