Alliott T10/L65/SNP/WMC

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Leasing available on this machine.

Make: Alliott
Model: T10/L65/SNP/WMC
Year: 2019
Condition: New
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: Italy
Control: 26
Width: 1580m
Length: 1380m
Height: 3150m
Weight: 2000kg
Service details: Full History
Documentation / manuals included? Yes
Is tooling / spares included? Yes
Is the equipment viewable under power? Yes

Machine Details

Automatic blast cleaning and shot peening machines produced by C.M. can effect surface treatment operations on workloads of almost any nature. Operation of the blasting equipment is straight forward and does not necessitate special training.

The media can be steel, stainless steel, chilled cast iron, non-ferrous metals, ceramic beads, plastic, and others and it is selected in strict conjunction with the application and the required results. C.M. specialists frequently assist customers to choose the proper media material, shape, size, and velocity.


Remove the stress & worry of collecting, installing and maintaining your machine. 

Not just a collection service, features can include... 

  • Decommission (pre-owned)
  • Load & deliver to buyer's site
  • Unload and site to install position
  • Fully commission machine
  • 1, 2 or 3 year parts and labour warranty (new)
  • Full PUWER assessment
  • 24 or 48 hour on site response
  • Annual maintenance services
  • Banked hours for all your CNC equipment
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