ABB IRB 6600 2.55m reach 225kg payload Foundry Prime S4C+

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Make: ABB
Model: IRB 6600
Condition: Used
Machine type: Other
Location of machine: United Kingdom
Control: S4C+ Controller
Machine is fully functional? Yes

Machine Details

ABB IRB 6600 with a 225kg payload and 2.55m reach Foundry Prime

The ABB IRB 6600 robot is still very rare on the used market as most are still employed in their first application. The 6600 is the successor to the IRB 6400 range, although the 6400RF is still being produced in small numbers. The 6600 is used in many car factories around the world and has a good reputation for being fast, strong and flexible.

The arm design gives the IRB 6600 a very big reach while keeping the arm compact. The arm can also flip over backwards.

The Foundry Prime version is designed for water jet cleaning of casts and machined parts, and similar very harsh environments.

The manipulator can withstand surrounding solvent based detergrent (max pH 9.0 and must contain a rust inhibitor). In addition, the manipulator can withstand indirect spray from jet pressure (max. 600 bar) and 100% humidity. The manipulator can work in an environment with a cleaning bath temperature <60 degress celsius, typically used in a water jet cleaning application with moderate speed.

The robot is protected by special sealings for gears and bearings, pressurized motors and electronic compartment, special detergent resistant polyurethane painting system in three layers. Non painted surfaces has a special rust preventative coating and motors are sealed with a sealing compound.

As the robot is designed for very harsh environments, an extended service program is required.

The 6600 can be used in many applications including pick and place, machine tending, grinding, welding, de-burring, trimming, and sealing.

225kg payload

2.55m reach


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