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We at The Machinery Management People (TMMP) have redesigned our Trade Platform! Making it easier for buyers and sellers to advertise and purchase machinery. All whilst being able to utilise our wide range of support services!

Lean manufacturing has taught many companies how to reduce waste and save money by improving efficiency, recycling and eliminating waste.

However, machinery continues to sit on the shop floor unused and unwanted. It is wasteful and for many it’s a hassle trying to get it valued, promoted, sold and then having to arrange for it to be de-commissioned and moved.  

Our Trade Platform provides those with unused or unwanted equipment to advertise their machinery from as little as £19.99 using a simple, user-friendly platform, with all the below benefits:-

  • Having one of the most cost-effective routes to advertising your machinery!
  • Being promoted to a global network of prospective buyers via our online marketplace
  • Featuring in bespoke marketing campaigns and online editorials
  • Have full management of listings, sales, asset relocation and aftercare available - that gives buyers confidence to purchase
  • Unlimited featured images and videos on your listing
  • Receive full payment for your asset prior to collection from site

The online platform also allows users to immediately buy, reserve an item, buy or make an offer, ensuring a swift negotiation and an efficient buying process.

TMMP also offers our range of support services independently. Which include equipment valuations, relocation services, commissioning services, full after-sales service and maintenance options, PUWER assessments and repair services for all types of mechanical equipment.

Watch our video to see how our machinery management services can benefit you.

If you have any further questions, call us today on 0333 202 0850 or email us at