How to get the best price for your unwanted machinery

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Turn Unused Machinery Into Cash

There’s a generation of engineers all over the UK who will always have an old favourite when it comes to machinery – many would have started using them as young apprentices and some would have spent half of their working lives using just one machine. 

But times change. Over the last few decades thousands of traditional milling machines or lathes have been replaced with faster, more efficient CNC technology.  However, that doesn’t mean that earlier models have reached the end of their life cycle – many are still in excellent working order and they will continue to perform for many years to come.


Lean manufacturing has taught many companies how to reduce waste and save money by improving efficiency, recycling and eliminating waste.

Unused machinery is wasteful and for many it’s a hassle trying to get it valued and then having to arrange for it to be de-commissioned and moved.  

Not anymore!  At TMMP we can manage the whole thing for you, simply and efficiently - AND WE CAN GET YOU MORE MONEY!

With The Machinery Management People you will get:

BEST PRICE - At TMMP we handle the sale and removal of ALL kinds of machinery.  We start with promoting your equipment for sale, which can return you UP TO 40% more than through an auction house, dealer, liquidator or OEM.

FREE ADVERTISING – you can advertise your machinery as often as you like for FREE!  You can upload the details yourself through our website or we will happily do it for you!

DE-COMMISSIONING – our experienced engineers can decommission your machinery safely and efficiently and have it ready for collection in no time!

REMOVAL – our logistics team can offer to promptly collect your machinery and transport it direct to its new location


  • Get the best price for your machinery than anywhere else
  • Free up valuable space
  • Reinvest cash in to your business
  • Eliminate waste
  • Hassle-free removal of machinery
  • Fast, efficient service

For a FREE market valuation of your machinery please telephone or email us at any time – remember it’s your asset so why not get its true value?

Watch our video to see how our machinery management services can benefit you.