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With a growing number of new vehicles being driven on UK roads, and an increasing number having Diamond Cut Wheels, there is a urgent need to support this market.

Whilst the demand and popularity of Diamond Cut Wheels increases, with over 20% of wheels in the UK being Diamond cut, there is estimated to be over 12 million damaged Diamond Cut wheels in need of repair. 

We are offering entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to service this market and providing the equipment and training to do just that.

With both mobile and fixed options to provide Diamond Cut Wheel Refinishing Services across the UK, we are offering the opportunity to diversify & expand their service offering!

Supported and backed by an Accredited Service Company based in the UK.

•Free Delivery of the DC-2 equipment to your location
•Service Plan- including annual servicing and breakdown response. As well as a proactive management of your equipment.
•A comprehensive training programme delivered by the DCR Professionals, to ensure you are experienced and knowledgeable about the equipment
•Ongoing Technical Support available by email, internet, telephone and remote access across the UK. Supported by ourselves at DCR, and our service partner- The Machinery Management People.

We provide the opportunity to be part of a national repair network, and to supplement your own trade customers, we can supply work through:

•Insurance Companies
•Fleet Management Companies
•Private Customers

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Service Support

The DCR Business Opportunity is supported by The Machinery Management People (TMMP)- A Specialist Service and Repair company in the UK. TMMP are SafeContractor Accredited for both Service & Repair work and have a network of engineers across the UK.

They are trained not only to identify and address repairs to the equipment, but also provide a comprehensive service & maintenance programme, to keep your machine running. Offering a fast response to your repair and service needs as they arise.

All backed up by their proactive management through use of planned maintenance and comprehensive service reporting.


We have made the opportunity as affordable for our customers as possible and offer a subscription service to avoid large one off costs, and significant initial investment from you.

This opportunity is available on a 60 month subscription at only £16.50 per day! And the cost per cut per wheel is as low as £4.00 based on volume and quantity.

You can expect to repair 8 wheels a day, with the cost of repair in the UK being anywhere between £85.00 - £120.00 per wheel. Giving you plenty of margin to be flexible with how you price the work you provide!

With the ‘Cost per Cut’ model, including subscription charge, the cost to refinish 8 wheels in a day would be £64.50 – profitability = £895 a day!

Enquire now about this fantastic Business Opportunity by visiting the dedicated page HERE or by contacting us on 0333 202 0850 or via email at info@machinerymanagement.co.uk. Or by contacting DCR directly HERE.